Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

Looking for the best funny birthday wishes for dad on his special day ? We have collected funniest birthday wishes for you lovely father .

  • Dad, you will never grow old,
    Because you will watch us grow old. How lucky!
    Happy birthday, dad!
  • You removed my dirty diaper,
    Then also you were not hyper,
    You took all the pain to make me like this,
    So today, I will let you know my only wish,
    Dad have a great birthday and enjoy your day!
  • Dad age has not spoiled you a bit,
    You still look young. Ok enough happy birthday to my dear dad!


  • Dad, you are getting old,
    Now ask, what is so funny,
    It has nothing to do with birthday,
    But you have started looking funnier,
    Happy birthday, dad!
    • You are the best dad ever,
      You are so intelligent and clever,
      But whatever I wish to do in life,
      Please don’t say ‘never’
      Happy birthday, dad!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • I wish to be like you intelligent, smart, and active,
    So that I don’t forget your birthday next time dad,
    Happy belated birthday!
  • Sorry dad for not wishing you on your special day,
    But, let us make it special today,
    A very happy belated birthday!

  • Dad, how can I remember your birthday?
    When you do not have gray hair,
    Wishing you belated happy birthday!
  • I wish I could be there to celebrate your special day dad,
    Please forgive me for not being there,
    Happy belated birthday to you!
  • I purposely wished you, late dad, So that I can spend two days of joy with you, Happy belated birthday!
  • Hope you liked our collection of most  funny birthday wishes for dad.

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