Best Happy Birthday Husband Wishes

happy birthday husband

    • You define love for me. You are the best husband in the world.
      Today I take this opportunity to wish you the most beautiful birthday of your life.
      Happy birthday.
    • I realized the strength of my luck when I got you.
      You have been the best thing of my life. Love you.
      Wishing you a very happy and blissful birthday.
    • May life bring lots and lots of blessings for a person so subtle and a husband so loving as you.
      You have always proved yourself in every relation you have.
      May you have another blissful year in store. Happy birthday!

    • May this year add another milestone to the list of your success and add all the colors of affection and reverence in your life.
      Wish you a very happy birthday.
    • With you, my life took another turn,
      A stunning meaning in the sun,
      Like a cupid’s trick it was,
      Added another beautiful clause,
      In a life, so dull and bland,
      You proved to be,
      The most lovable husband.
      Happy Birthday!
    • Husbands like you are made in heaven.
      If I had to take birth on earth for a hundred times,
      I would wish that you become my husband each time.
      Happy Birthday darling.

    • Just like a rainbow can light up the horizon after a heavy shower,
      you light up a smile on my face after a heavy tired day.
      Thanks for being there every second of my life. Happy Birthday!
    • Do you know that I have got the best present ever on your Birthday?
      That’s because God gave you to me on this very special day when you were born.
      Happy Birthday handsome!
    • I’ve been waiting for this day all year so I that I can shower you with presents,
      food, drinks and a whole lot of fun. Happy Birthday.

    • If any dictionary or encyclopedia needs the definition or the meaning of a perfect husband,
      I’d gladly put a picture of you because you are a perfect husband ever.
      Wishing you a very hot, naughty, fun-filled and a Happy Birthday!
    • The cake, champagne, friends and your gift,
      everything today is handpicked just so that your Birthday becomes one of the most special days you have ever spent.
      Hope you like what’s been planned. Happy Birthday dear.
    • If my life is a cake, you are the frosting! Happy Birthday dear hubby.

    • Today’s your day to ask me to do anything nice for you.
      After all, it’s your Birthday! Wishing you a great year ahead, dear.
    • I look forward to your Birthday because you are like wine.
      With every passing year, you become sweeter and sweeter. Happy Birthday honey.
    • Your face is like my morning coffee.
      I feel fresh, vibrant and rejuvenated every time I look at you, my dear.
      Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Congratulations!
      You have just won the award for being the best husband in the universe.
      Today you will be treated like a king with lots of cake, balloons,
      champagne and the company of friends. Happy Birthday honey.

    • Let’s forget all our troubles and spend the night painting the town red.
      It’s your Birthday so let’s have a blast that you will remember forever.
      Happy Birthday sweetheart!
    • Every time I look into your eyes,
      I feel like the teenage girl who has just been swept off her feet by the man of her dreams.
      Thanks for making me feel youthful day after day, again and again.
      Happy Birthday love!
    • Loving, caring, handsome, cute, adorable, strong, intelligent,
      well mannered – you are all I could ever wish for.
      I hope all your wishes come true on your Birthday. Happy Birthday darling!

  • I would have been a lost soul if I did not have you in my life.
    Thanks for being an adorable husband and the perfect guide in my life. Happy Birthday.
  • Do you know how much I love you? If you don’t already,
    let me tell you that I love you more than anything else in the world and
    I’d give anything to be with you, now and forever.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear.